St. John Ambulance, Division 176, provides event first aid and on-site medical services at events in and around Victoria, British Columbia. We’re proud to have served the community in Greater Victoria since 1911.

Our skilled crews are equipped with the tools, training, and experience to provide emergency first aid to your participants or attendees – From band-aids to defibrillators, foot patrols to bicycle-response teams, first aid tents, and mobile treatment facilities, we’ve got a scalable solution for your event.

Our volunteers – many of whom are off-duty healthcare professionals – are, at minimum certified Medical First Responders, a nationally recognized designation that includes training in everything from minor wound care to the management of major traumatic and medical emergencies.

Every year we provide thousands of hours of service, at hundreds of events, in and around Victoria, with crowds that range in size from 6 to 60,000 people. Whether you’re running a small church fundraiser, or a city-wide event with tens of thousands of participants, we’ve got the experience you need.

If your public or private event requires skilled and experienced first aid services, please get in touch with us:

If you are looking to follow-up on a request you already submitted, or have other questions for us:

While St. John Ambulance is a charitable organization, the provision of event first-aid services comes with significant costs to us: first aid supplies, vehicle maintenance, fuel and other overhead expenses necessitate minimum donations for our services. To learn more, use the Service Request form (above) to provide us with details about your event so we can work with you to find a solution that meets your needs.

If you’re looking to take a first aid course, or buy first aid kits or supplies head here. Every dollar you spend getting your first aid training at our branches goes to help support our community service operations.