St. John Ambulance is a big organization. This is the webpage for our Medical First Response group – SJA Division 176 – in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Here in Victoria, St. John Ambulance acts in several roles: Our medical first response division provides first aid services for public events, and supports other non-profits and charities with first aid outreach services in the Greater Victoria area. Please have a look around to learn more about us, book our services, or volunteer with us.

Looking to take a first aid course?

Our branch offers first aid courses and first aid supplies.

Want your kids to learn first aid and leadership?

Our youth “cadet” program teaches young people valuable first aid and leadership skills.

Need, or want to provide, some canine comfort?

Our therapy dog teams go out into the community to provide furry, four-legged comfort – Contact our therapy dog team at for more information.